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How to update Raspberry Pi


This post will show you how to update your raspberry pi to the latest. The packages in the raspberry pi are updated regularly so it is a better practice to get the latest. Prior to doing some projects, bringing the latest updates improves your device’s stability and security.

Luckily, updating your raspberry pi will only involve several steps and you can do this by connecting to your device using SSH without attaching any external monitor or keyboard.


Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi

I assume that you have installed the latest Raspberry Pi OS on your device. If not, please see this Setup Raspberry Pi Headless No Monitor. You know how to connect to your device using either terminal or putty tool.


  1. Connect to your raspberry pi either by terminal or putty.
Raspberry Pi Login
  1. Next, update the package list by executing the below command. This will tell the package manager which package needs some updating and download them if needed.
sudo apt update

This might take some time depending on when the last time you did your update. The list of packages ready for upgrade is shown.

Raspberry Pi Update List
  1. Once the package manager knows the list to be upgraded then execute the below command.
sudo apt full-upgrade

All dependent dependencies will be upgraded in one swoop by the above command.

When prompted with this confirmation, press ‘Y’

Raspberry Pi Update - Confirm

This might take some time so please be patient and let the process finish. Avoid shutting down your device at this point.

  1. It is a good practice to reboot your device whenever you have updated your raspberry pi. Execute the below code.
sudo reboot

Wrap Up

We have detailed the steps on how to update your raspberry pi in this post. Keeping your device updated with the latest updates, especially OS related would bring benefits to your device performance.

That’s it. Happy Exploring!

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