List of my latest Feature Blog Posts:

  • PlatformIO Tutorial for Arduino Development
    This is a PlatformIO IDE tutorial that will help you get started in using this IDE in your Arduino and Embedded development.
  • How to upload FileSystem Image in PlatformIO IDE?
    This post will the steps in PlatformIO IDE on how to upload filesystem image in your microcontroller flash memory.
  • How to update the PlatformIO IDE extension in Visual Studio?
    This short post will discuss how you can update your PlatformIO IDE Extension in Visual Studio Code to get the latest version.
  • DIY Cardboard Conveyor Belt
    We are going to create our DIY Cardboard Conveyor Belt in this post and we will use this in our future Internet of Things (IOT) projects. This is a fun project to do especially for kids as they would see some motor movement and basic mechanisms.
  • Common PlatformIO Errors
    This page will list some of the most common errors that I have encountered while using PlatformIO IDE. PlatformIO is an extension in Visual Studio Code that will allow you to program your microcontroller board.
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