Internet Of Things

List of my latest Internet of Things Tutorials:

  • ESP8266 Webserver Conveyor Counter
    In this article, we are going to create a real-time ESP8266 Webserver conveyor counter. The NodeMCU ESP8266 displays the number of loads that pass thru our conveyor that were detected by our IR Sensor.
  • ESP32 Keypad Database Security System Code
    This post will discuss the code of our ESP32 Keypad Database Security System and how we will control our doorlock using the keypad. This will also explain how it calls our REST API server so that we can access our database interface.
  • ESP32 Keypad Database Security System – Design
    This post shows how you could create your own ESP32 Keypad Doorlock mechanism using a database to store your valid keycodes.
  • Arduino RFID Database Security System: Designing the Project
    This article describes how to design an Arduino RFID Security System that uses the ESP8266 ESP-01 to communicate with the database
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