List of my latest ESp32 Tutorials:

  • Read LDR/Photoresistor Sensor using ESP32
    This short post will discuss how we can read sensor values coming from a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) or a photoresistor using an ESP32 board.
  • ESP32 Robot Car Using Websockets
    This post discusses how we can control our robot car using ESP32 Websockets. We are using our mobile phones in controlling the directions and speed settings of our robot car by sending websocket message between our phone browser and the asynchronous websocket server running in our ESP3
  • ESP32 Home Automation Project
    This post discusses how to create your own Home Automation Project using ESP32. We have created this project using PlatformIO IDE. The ESP32 acts as a web server where we can control the different AC Loads connected to it. This project includes AC Dimmer as well.
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