List of my latest ESP8266 Tutorials:

  • Plot Real-time Chart display of Sensor Readings – ESP8266/ESP32
    This post shows how you could plot real-time chart of your sensor readings and updates automatically using ESP8266/ESP32 microcontrollers
  • Interfacing Photoresistor or LDR into NodeMCU ESP8266
    This post will discuss how we can read sensor values coming from a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) or a photoresistor using an ESP8266 board.
  • ESP8266 Webserver Using LittleFS
    In this post we will be creating our own ESP8266 Webserver using the LittleFS Filesystem that will serve web content to the calling client.
  • ESP8266 LittleFS Tutorial Series
    This is the first part of my ESP8266 LittleFS Tutorial series where we discuss an overview of it and explore what this filesystem is in projects.
  • Control Seven Segment Displays Using ESP8266
    Do you want to know how to control those colored seven segment displays using your NodeMCU ESP8266 and the Arduino framework then follow along with this short post. Those colorful seven segment displays are ideal for Internet of Things (IOT) projects that need to display the current count or current mode of your projec
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