List of my latest Programming related blogs:

  • Using WebSocket in the Internet of Things (IOT) projects
    We discuss websocket protocol in detail in this post and why it is ideal for use in Internet of Things (IOT) projects.
  • Display Real-Time Updates Using Python, Flask, and Websockets
    In this post, we will explore Python, Flask, and Websocket to display sensor values coming from our server on our page and show it as a graphical chart.
  • How to install Python in Windows
    In this post we are going to detail the steps on how to install Python in Windows environment. Python is an excellent language being used in AI, Machine Learning and even Microcontroller programming.
  • Build REST API Using Node.js, Express and MongoDB
    We are creating our own REST API Server using Node.js, Express and MongoDB Atlas. This is a step by step tutorial on how to execute CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) operation on our keycodes stored in the database.
  • MongoDB Atlas: An Overview and how to get started
    In this post I am going to give an overview on MongoDB Atlas setup and how to get started creating your own cluster. We will use this cloud database as our backend in future Internet Of Things (IOT) project.
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