Raspberry Pi

List of my latest Raspberry Pi Tutorials:

  • Raspberry Pi Object Counting using Infrared sensor
    The following post will show how we can use the Raspberry Pi as an object counter by using the Infrared (IR) sensor. IR sensors are excellent electronic components that can sense the proximity of objects and we will use it in counting objects that are passing in our mini conveyor system.
  • Using Infrared (IR) Sensor with Raspberry Pi
    This post will discuss how to interface the Infrared (IR) sensor with your Raspberry Pi and how to drive this component using Python code.
  • How to update Raspberry Pi
    Introduction This post will show you how to update your raspberry pi to the latest. The packages in the raspberry pi are updated regularly so it is a better practice to get the latest. Prior to doing some projects, bringing the latest updates improves your device’s stability and security. Luckily, updating your raspberry pi will […]
  • Keypad with a Database Security System using Raspberry Pi
    We are building our own Keypad Security System with a database interface using our raspberry pi in this post.
  • Common Raspberry Pi Errors
    This post will list some of the common Raspberry Pi errors that I have encountered while building my Internet of Things (IOT) projects. This will include issues that arose while interfacing with sensors and the solutions that I have figured out.
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