List of my latest Projects:

  • Creating an ESP32 RFID with a Web Server Application
    This ESP32 RFID project with a Web Server application reads RFID tags/cards and then displays the validation in a web application in real-time.
  • Raspberry Pi Object Counting using Infrared sensor
    The following post will show how we can use the Raspberry Pi as an object counter by using the Infrared (IR) sensor. IR sensors are excellent electronic components that can sense the proximity of objects and we will use it in counting objects that are passing in our mini conveyor system.
  • ESP8266 Webserver Conveyor Counter
    In this article, we are going to create a real-time ESP8266 Webserver conveyor counter. The NodeMCU ESP8266 displays the number of loads that pass thru our conveyor that were detected by our IR Sensor.
  • Keypad with a Database Security System using Raspberry Pi
    We are building our own Keypad Security System with a database interface using our raspberry pi in this post.
  • ESP32 Keypad Database Security System Code
    This post will discuss the code of our ESP32 Keypad Database Security System and how we will control our doorlock using the keypad. This will also explain how it calls our REST API server so that we can access our database interface.
  • ESP32 Keypad Database Security System – Design
    This post shows how you could create your own ESP32 Keypad Doorlock mechanism using a database to store your valid keycodes.
  • Using Node.js and React to display a chart of real-time sensor readings
    This post will show how you can use Node.js and React to display a chart of real time sensor readings from an ESP32 microcontroller.
  • ESP32 Robot Car Using Websockets
    This post discusses how we can control our robot car using ESP32 Websockets. We are using our mobile phones in controlling the directions and speed settings of our robot car by sending websocket message between our phone browser and the asynchronous websocket server running in our ESP3
  • Arduino RFID Database Security System: Program Arduino and ESP8266
    In this article we are going to program our Arduino RFID Database Security System. We will configure the Arduino to read the MFRC522 RFID Reader and retrieve the RFID code. The RFID code is then sent thru the ESP8266 ESP-01 through serial communication.
  • Arduino RFID Database Security System: Designing the Project
    This article describes how to design an Arduino RFID Security System that uses the ESP8266 ESP-01 to communicate with the database
  • Connect Arduino Project to Internet or WIFI Using ESP8266
    This project connects the Arduino Project to the internet using the ESP8266 ESP-01 microcontroller. They communicate using the serial interfaces and passes data as JSON object
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