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  • Using ESP32 SoftwareSerial in your Arduino Projects
    Introduction If you have worked with the Arduino Uno R3 board, I am sure that you have used SoftwareSerial library in your projects. The board itself only contains a single hardware Universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter (UART) port in Digital Pins 0 (RX) and 1 (TX). If you have multiple sensors that use Serial communication then you… Read more: Using ESP32 SoftwareSerial in your Arduino Projects
  • Integrating ESP-NOW with MicroPython and WiFi
    Learn how to use Wi-Fi, MicroPython, and ESP-NOW to accomplish seamless communication. Expand your IoT capabilities by learning more about the potential of asynchronous data transmission.
  • Sensor Data Sharing with ESP-NOW in MicroPython
    Discover how to use MicroPython to easily transfer sensor data with ESP-NOW. Investigate hardware configuration, data collection, cutting-edge methods, and practical applications for effective IoT and sensor network projects.
  • Discovering ESP-Now in MicroPython with Asyncio
    Explore the power of asyncio in ESP-Now with MicroPython. Learn how to harness the capabilities of asynchronous programming to enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of your ESP-Now IoT projects.
  • Exploring ESP-NOW in MicroPython: A Learner’s Guide
    Explore the power of ESP-NOW in MicroPython. Get started creating Internet of Things (IoT) projects with this wireless communication protocol


Looking for projects inspiration? I like exploring Internet of Things (IOT) projects. Using different Microcontroller Unit (MCU) and protocols and coming up with my own solutions. As such I enjoy programming in C++, Javascript, Python, HTML etc.

RFID Database Security System Design
RFID Database Security System Design

Arduino RFID Database Security System

In this article we are going to discuss the designing process of our Arduino Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Database Security System Project. This will walk you through the way I design my own RFID Project that connects to the database to verify if an RFID tag is allowed or not.

ESP32 Robot Car Websocket Diagram
ESP32 Robot Car Using Websocket

ESP32 Robot Car Using Websocket

In this post, I am going to share how I created my own ESP32 Robot Car using Websockets. 

esp-01 with arduino

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This article discusses how we can program ESP8266 ESP-01 module using the Arduino IDE.

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