ESP8266 is a versatile Microcontroller unit with built-in Wifi and Bluetooth functionality making it ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

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  • Control Seven Segment Displays Using ESP8266

    Control Seven Segment Displays Using ESP8266

    Do you want to know how to control those colored seven segment displays using your NodeMCU ESP8266 and the Arduino framework then follow along with this short post. Those colorful seven segment displays are ideal for Internet of Things (IOT) projects that need to display the current count or current mode of your projec

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  • ESP8266 Webserver Conveyor Counter

    ESP8266 Webserver Conveyor Counter

    In this article, we are going to create a real-time ESP8266 Webserver object counter that displays the count thru wifi using an IR sensor.

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  • NodeMCU ESP8266 Web Server Tutorial Series

    This project tutorial series will discussed how to create your own ESP8266 Web Server using the NodeMCU module. The web server application that we are gonna be creating is used to control our electronic components.

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